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Code of Ethics and Conduct

  • I will give the best possible unlicensed psychic Certified Professional Tarot Reader (CPTR) & tools insights, advice, and support.
  • I am not a replacement for medical, psychological, financial, legal, and other licensed professional advice.
  • I am always honest and deliver challenging information with compassion. With that said, I can be blunt and direct if a seeker needs it delivered that way.
  • I do not predict or comment on death, birth, serious illness, accidents, lotto numbers, or stocks/investments.
  • I do not locate missing persons, items, or comment on criminal activity.
  • I will suggest other services if the question(s) asked may not be adequately covered with the reading purchased. The seeker has the right to refuse. This is NOT a bait and switch technique!
  • I will not tell someone to leave their spouse, job, or decide for any major life decision.
  • I will suggest positive and healthy actions and I will not make decisions for the seeker. Seekers choose their own path.
  • If anyone disagrees with insights and/or advice, that is their right.
  • I will not moralize.
  • I will not give you negative spells/prayers or try to re-unite you with a loved one with black magic. Professional counsel will be suggested and the reading with stop.
  • I will not remove negative energy or suggest you have been cursed. If you believe you have negative energy, it’s in your best interest to remove it yourself with the aid of licensed professionals, exploring the reasons why there might be negative energy (purely focused on you and your shadows) using tools such as Tarot, and/or alternative methods (such as meditation or chakra balancing) which I can suggest “free of charge!”.
  • I will analyze situations that are focused on providing positive, productive, and meaningful insights.
  • I will not engage in conversations about harm to yourself or another
  • I will not keep you dependant on me, psychic knowledge, Tarot, and/or other divinatory tools.
  • I am not racist, sexist, homophobic, or anything else related to the discrimination of a group of people with similar traits and/or attributes;
  • Seekers are welcome to discuss adult topics;
  • I avoid third party readings. I will avoid reading about involvements that other person(s) have with other people that are not directly related to immediate concerns.
  • I will focus the reading on the seeker and their needs and not others.
  • I will focus on the present and use the future and the past to help the seeker better deal with the present.
  • I will acknowledge that the seeker has free will and any insight given about the future is changeable.
  • I will not pursue any relationship or friendship though I am friendly and have a fairly open-door policy when someone is in need. I will conduct myself professionally.
  • I will remain professional yet friendly at all times. Readings are kept confidential but may not be if you allude to harming yourself or another.
  • I will only read for questioner’s 18 and over unless adult guardian gives approval.

Psychic Jucy wants you to:

  • focus on the positive present so you can better your future;
  • look to yourself and your loved ones for support;
  • accept that freewill exists and events can change by design but destiny and life can beautifully unravel on its own;
  • get licensed professional help when it’s needed;
  • not depend on psychic or spiritual information to live your life;
  • participate in reading rather than being a passive bystander; and
  • discover your gifts, talents, and strengths and work on shadows and desires.

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