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Empowerment -- Thumbs Up to a Job Well Done!! I feel great... :)

Hi Jucy, Thank you sooooo much- it was very special time for me to have a session with you. Your reading was very insightful and realistic….as you know l’ve had many times of reading and spiritual sessions before, but your session was definitely outstanding and there were something special. As if l had a certain type of healing session- actually there were not much (dramatically) good news or predictions, but l became to feel much better and peaceful after l finished your session. l’m very glad to get to know someone very special like you. So l’d like to keep in touch with you and will have a session with you again.

I thought the whole process and communication was very well done. It was easy and enjoyable!

I have not been to a better reader in this lifetime that has been able to provide the same friendliness, openess and clarity in a reading. I will be happy to provide a greater testimonial later in the year as events unfold. In the meantime, Jucy has my full recommendation! It was a wonderful experience. thank you, Rosie

Thank you for your insightful and awakening reading. I will definitely attend to your suggestions. I will keep in touch. Thanks again

Thank you for the very insightful and informative reading. I will certainly take your advice when looking for jobs.

I was impressed with Jucy’s ability to connect over the phone. Wonderfully enlightening. Jucy is very sweet and compassionate, she has an ability to tell it how it is. She knew information that no one else knows.

Great reading , felt like you knew me well, without any face to face contact, knew very much what I was thinking .

Thank you very much.

Your reading was very blunt, and straight to the point. I like that!

You have done everything exceedingly well. In fact, you have been the only psychic reader to actually give me “food for thought”. All my past readings have been quite disappointing, since I have very high expectations and some basis for recognizing truth. Other readers have focused on people in my life, not about ME. Thanks for seeing ME. Bless you – you have found a way to share your gift with humanity. I’m jealous!

Absolutely pure truth! Jucy is a gifted psychic reader who utilizes a variety of methods to accurately answer your questions. This has been my first email reading, and I can say I truly enjoyed the experience. It was like being in the same room with Jucy – she has a kind and caring way about her. She is truly gifted!

Supportive and resourceful, above and beyond the call of expectations.

The reading proved helpful in helping me get centred at a time when I was feeling scattered. I was provided with objective observations and helpful guidance to achieve my higher path. A gentle, caring person who has a truly healing quality about her. Worth a read … pardon the pun.

I very much enjoyed the reading – I don’t think there are areas for improvement.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!
Jucy, thank you so much for giving me such a great reading! You were so specific about details surrounding my current situation, and my character traits. I will definitely be back for another reading!

At a time of great confusion and anxiety, Jucy’s reading helped me to see things better. Her advice was great guidance for me to choose my own path. Thank you, Jucy.

I just want to say thank you, my reading with you was unlike any other reading I have had. It really helped me see into my full situation adn to whom I am, My desires and my realities. You helped give me insight into my life and I truly recommend you to anyone who just feels confussed or lost with their life at that moment. I would get another reading from you in the future no doubt about that. You have a really calm energy which also helped me open up and feel comfortable.

Thank you for also listening to me and taking the time to answer or look over anything that I was concerned about and even more. It was a pleaseure.

Jucy was great. She zoned in on the very things that were happening in my world. She was gentle and understanding and listened well to some of the issues happening in my life and gave me some very clear and frank feedback.

Jucy was great and really made me feel very comfortable. She was dead on with alot of her information and has really helped me decide the next steps in certain areas of my life. She was very honest and told me what she saw and not what I wanted to hear.

Jucy was fantastic, she made me feel welcome, warm, and at east. Her gift of communicating accurately helped me to find clarity and resolution. She made my first experience with tarot reading a truly enjoyable one where I felt both accepted and guided. I was amazed at the sense of empowerment and safety that I felt as a direct result of her guidance. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

I felt very at ease with you as I also felt that you were a pleasant and generous person.I was happy with the whole experience. I have to say it was probably one of the best readings I have ever had. Thank you…. In any case, I will recommend you to my friends.

Jucy, your reading was very insightful and I really enjoyed talking with you. Hearing your description about myself solidified what I subconsciously believed. And, I look forward to the events you predicted with enthusiasm. I would not hestitate to call upon you in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are relaxed and easy to talk you which puts a person at ease. You are extremely insightful and I look forward to another reading.

ccurate and clear. I have been to other tarot readers who may have been accurate but did not explain clearly. She is also very positive and motivating and nice to be around. She certainly answered my questions and helped me sort out some confusion. I will be back in the future.

Thank you Thank you
After speaking with her I felt I had a new friend. I also can not articulate in words how much more relaxed and in control of my life I felt after speaking with her I am a believer in God and I believe that God has blessed her with a special gift to help others

Jucy provided great insight and guidance into my area of concern. Even if some answers were not what I wanted to hear, I believe her words will lead me to make the right decisions and ultimately create a better future. I will most definitely be seeking her advise again.

Thank you for sharing your gift.